Monday, July 03, 2017
By Grant Rushton, Photographer
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This June I had the joy of photographing a Los Angeles couple who flew to PEI for romantic photos reminiscent of Anne of Green Gables.

Our photography session was initiated by an email from Jennifer and her husband Armando, married fifteen years and wanting to celebrate their anniversary in a memorable way. Jennifer is a big fan of Anne of Green Gables and all the Anne books. It was her dream trip to visit Prince Edward Island, see the Anne play in Charlottetown, visit her house and finally drive to my studio in Souris for an early evening photo session.

When they showed up Jennifer was already in her white dress as “Anne” and Armando was dressed as “Gilbert.” As luck would have it my wife Kate is a florist and she had a beautiful natural looking bridal bouquet ready for Jennifer and a boutonniere for Gilbert.

I decided to take them to three locations I knew would be appropriate for this special photo session: a quiet beach, a tree lined country lane, and a lighthouse on a cliff. We slipped into my Ford F150 in front of the studio on Main Street. I love this truck because I can load props in the back and the SuperCrew cab is comfortable for my subjects. As we were leaving a group of elderly Japanese women swarmed the truck to see the happy couple. One of the women had a GoPro camera and was smiling and waving at the bride with her camera hand.

At our first stop, the beach, I gave them some gentle suggestions for posing and they naturally fell into romantic mood. The warm sun was low in the sky and lit them perfectly. With just a little body and camera repositioning we made beautiful images.

Our next stop in the country lane was much more shaded. The light is very low, which is actually a good thing because it makes it easier to blur out the background and focus on the couple. This is a called the Storytelling look.

Finally we arrived at the lighthouse. The weather forecast had called for clear skies but as we were on the final segment of our session fierce dark clouds were approaching with bolts of lightning poking into the ocean. Although this occurred out of the frame of our images, I think it added drama to the look of our setting.

All their images were captured in colour. The colour images were lovely without any finessing, but for the purpose of this photo session I gave them all a muted turn-of-the-century look.

It was a pleasure photographing Jennifer and Armando. Not only did they give me their full confidence but they were really nice people too. I would be happy to work with a couple like that again. If you are interested in an Anne of Green Gables photography session, or you have your own theme you would like to play with, please give me a call. You will find my contact information here.

My wife Kate has been a florist for many years. She is a master at what she does. Her shop is called Branches and Blooms and it is located on Main Street in Souris, Prince Edward Island. If you are looking for an “Anne” inspired flower arrangement or any number of different styles you would be in good hands contacting Kate. Here is her website.

Sunday, September 04, 2016
By Grant Rushton, Photographer
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Photographer Grant Rushton will hold the grand opening of his studio and gallery in Souris on Saturday, September 10th from 2 to 4 pm. The studio is located at 116 Main Street at the side entrance of Branches and Blooms Floral Boutique. Meet the photographer, enjoy refreshments and view some of Grant's latest work. Everyone is welcome!

The studio will serve the community by offering head shots to business persons, artists and other professionals, passport photos, pet and family portraits. Location photography is also available. See our website for more details.

The gallery section will feature documentary images from different parts of the world, including portraits of people living in Prince Edward Island. Our first exhibit will feature portraits of people from Iceland and Mexico.

Here are a few images (below) of the transformation which took place to create our new studio. We would like to thank the various businesses who helped make this new space a reality!

D C Carpentry

Shiny Paint (hand painted signs)

Foster Campbell Electric Ltd.

Souris Home Hardware



We hope to see you for the opening this Saturday. Here are the details:

Grant Rushton Photographer 
Grand Opening of Photography Studio and Gallery

Saturday, September 10, 2016
2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

116 Main Street
Souris, PEI
(side entrance of the Branches and Blooms Floral Boutique building)


Everyone is welcome!

For more information click on our website here.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016
By Grant Rushton, Photographer
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Today I had the privilege of photographing the family of Gary and Helen Ingersoll at their beach cottage in PEI for their 50th wedding anniversary. Gary and Helen are from Indiana and their children, spouses and grandchildren are from various parts of the United States. But they love PEI and decided this would be the perfect place to celebrate and spend time together for the week.

Helen's only direction to me was to capture her family as they really are. Lots of natural, as it happens images. So for two hours, except for a few quickly posed semi formal group shots, that is what I did. Not sure who had more fun - me or them. But we definitely ended our session feeling we had a beautiful experience.

The summer is still here in PEI. If you would like to book your own family session please click below to contact me.

Kind Regards

Tuesday, July 26, 2016
By Grant Rushton, Photographer
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Today's family portraits can be unique. Since every family is different why not personalize your portraits as much as possible.

Pictured here is the Gilham-Shire family. They are friends of mine and I know them well. Derek is a scientist and Lynn is a school vice-principal. Their daughters Kaitlyn, Rachel and Sarah are right into sports. One thing the whole family shares is a love of the outdoors, so it was natural to photograph them in front of the Niagara Escarpment, one of the many places this family loves to hike and explore.

Next is a portrait of a beautiful eastern European couple who are celebrating many years of marriage. They are modest people, and probably wouldn't have come in for their portraits without their son asking them to do it. Notice they are dressed up for the occasion, because that reflects who they are.

Initially we did some portraits in a studio setting and they were nice, but here we ended up doing a series of portraits using natural window light and I think the results are much more pleasing.

One of my favourite portraits of them is a candid I took of them from behind (see below) while they were waiting for me to set up. So beautiful.

My friend Denise (below) came into my studio with her children for some maternity portraits. Denise is a fashion designer, a very hands on Mom, and is a really happy person. Here she is with her daughter Sarah clowning around, which is very reflective of who they are. Initially we did some beautiful, quiet, classic portraits. But the portrait you see here tells a much more descriptive story! You see, making a portrait unique involves letting people be themselves.

One of my favourite ways to photograph families these days is to go into their home and capture their characters in black-and-white. I have them wear simple clothing, use natural night and then just let the family members be themselves. To me the difference between meticulously posing someone and just letting people be spontaneous is the difference between wearing a mask and being open. As you can see in the image below the boys are happy and natural and certainly appreciate that I've made the portrait session a fun experience for them.

What helps when planning a family portrait session is realizing there is no one right way to create family portraits. When a family contacts me I do my best to get a sense of who they are and what approach to photographing them fits best with their personalities. 

To view some of my favourite family portraits please click the link below.